About Gael

I’ve been passionate about capturing what I see on camera for years. At a challenging time in my life, I tiptoed out each morning with a little “point and shoot” to capture the sunrise. It helped me make meaning of what was going on for me at the time.

I could never understand though, why the whole world wasn’t there with me. All that incredible magic going on and nearly everyone else still in bed! That was what inspired me to want to share what I saw with others.

Before long my life had become infused with the beauty around me and I became fascinated by nature in all its forms and its capacity to bring me to the present moment and to open my heart.

I love to travel to new environments and when I have my camera with me it’s about composition and seeing the finer detail; the things I might otherwise miss or might pass me by. So much exquisite beauty in the world.

Enjoy my photos. Just a small sample here of what I’m grateful to see. I look forward to hearing from you. CONTACT ME